Detail of the texture of the Amazon indigenous handicrafts Place: Manaus Brazil Date: 12/2008 Code: 01DZ273 Author: Du Zuppani


Historic center of Paraty reflected in puddle of water in tamping pe de moleque Place: Parati Brazil Date: 09/2008 Code: 01EL110 Author: Edu Lyra


Dove bird-of-flying cable in Antartica Place: Antarctica Date: 11/2008 Code: 01ER038 Author: Ernesto Reghran


Parade Gremio Recreativo Escola de Samba Academicos Willow Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 02/2006 Code: 01IS124 Author: Ismar Ingber


Samba School Parade Mangueira Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 02/2010 Code: 01IS381 Author: Ismar Ingber


Interior of the Teatro da Paz - Belem Place: Belém Brazil Date: 07/2008 Code: 01JLB296 Author: J. L. Bulcão


Jacare the marsh - Caiman crocodilus yacare Place: Corumbá Brazil Date: 04/2009 Code: 01LS513 Author: Luis Salvatore


Sunset in Rio Negro Place: Barcelos Brazil Date: 2002 Code: 01RS133 Author: Renato Soares


Trade of flowers on the Sao Jorge in the city of Rio de Janeiro Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 04/2010 Code: 01SK325 Author: Stefan Kolumban


Day of Sao Jorge in the city of Rio de Janeiro Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 04/2010 Code: 01SK340 Author: Stefan Kolumban


Aerial view of Rio-Niteroi - Guanabara Bay Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 01/2011 Code: 02IS068 Author: Ismar Ingber


Partial view of the Complexo do Alemao - the northern city of Rio de Janeiro Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 12/2010 Code: 02IS239 Author: Ismar Ingber


Presentation of Quadrille - June Festival in People's Park - Campina Grande - PB Place: Campina Grande Brazil Date: 07/2007 Code: 02RC136 Author: Rubens Chaves


Kayapo Chief Raoni Metuktire village Piarucu - Terra Indigena Capoto - Jarina Place: São José do Xingu Brazil Date: 06/2011 Code: 02RS223 Author: Renato Soares


Kayapo Chief Raoni Metuktire village Piarucu - Terra Indigena Capoto - Jarina Place: São José do Xingu Brazil Date: 06/2011 Code: 02RS255 Author: Renato Soares


Aerial view of the post Leonardo Villas Boas FUNAI in the Xingu Indigenous Park Place: Gaúcha do Norte Brazil Date: 06/2011 Code: 02RS312 Author: Renato Soares


Boarding the railway Siqueira Campos Subway - Line 1 Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 12/2012 Code: 03IS319 Author: Ismar Ingber


Road Complex Avenida Paulista and Rua da consolation - Cerqueira Cesar neighborhood Place: São Paulo Brazil Date: 07/2011 Code: 03SR853 Author: Sergio Ranalli


People contemplating the Pampulha Lagoon through the windows of the Pampulha Art Museum - MAP Place: Belo Horizonte Brazil Date: 06/2011 Code: 08RC058 Author: Rubens Chaves


Praca das aguas Mangabeiras Municipal Park in the Sierra Corral in Belo Horizonte - MG Place: Belo Horizonte Brazil Date: 06/2011 Code: 08RC105 Author: Rubens Chaves


Queues for boarding during rush hour in the railway Butanta Metro Line 4 - Yellow Place: São Paulo Brazil Date: 11/2012 Code: 09DC593 Author: Daniel Cymbalista


Subway station in the city surface Place: Sobral Brazil Date: 03/2013 Code: 11RC561 Author: Rubens Chaves


Cane Acucar - mechanical harvest Place: Serrana Brazil Date: 07/2006 Code: 14DM203 Author: Delfim Martins


Movement of people in the hall of subway station Place: Paris France Date: 06/2012 Code: 18RR068 Author: Rogério Reis


Recreio condominium in Barra da Tijuca Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 09/2007 Code: 19RA015 Author: Ricardo Azoury


Bather Beach Tapius Out in Marau Peninsula Place: Maraú Brazil Date: 02/2011 Code: 21RA287 Author: Ricardo Azoury


Construction site of expansion of Metro Line 4 at Avenida Armando Lombardi Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 01/2013 Code: 22RA387 Author: Ricardo Azoury


Portuguese stones on the sidewalk of Copacabana Beach - the southern city Place: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Date: 05/2013 Code: 22RA730 Author: Ricardo Azoury


Kuarups the Village Aiha - ethnicity Kalapalo Place: Querência Brazil Date: 07/2009 Code: 25DM208 Author: Delfim Martins


Mechanized harvesting of coffee - Mundo Novo variety Place: Garça Brazil Date: 06/2010 Code: 29DM463 Author: Delfim Martins


Agency Focus

The PRA are pleased to showcase recently launched, new or unusual specialized sources.

Pulsar Images

Pulsar Images is a Brazilian based specialist stock photo and footage library with over 200 thousand high quality photos and video clips for creative professionals, photo editors, picture researchers, broadcasters and video producers.


We have one of the richest collections of beauty and characteristics of our country as well as a great collection of images from others countries too.


Established in 1991,  Pulsar Images amassed their magnificent photographic documentation from the collections of 40+ prestigious professional photographers,  whose work has  focused upon documenting Brazil and its surrounding environs
In the collection you will find high quality stock photos of  everything  Brazilian covering a diverse range of subjects such as culture, indigenous peoples , traditional folk festivals, hand crafts,  economic production, national parks, graphics,  travel & tourism, wildlife, nature, landscapes, archaeology, architecture and the  surrounding environs .


Our collection includes the work of renowned and leading photographers, such as Delfim Martins, rooted in São Paulo, and a founder member of Pulsar Images.  Martins’ is a dedicated documentary photographer, winner of the Nikon Photo Contest International 1981/1982 he produces some of the finest graphic images in our collection.   Ricardo Azoury, Brazilian reality has been the focus of this Rio de Janeiro-born photographer.  Since the late 1970’s, he has traversed Latin America’s largest and most complex nation, from the sprawling pampas in the south to the high rainforests of the Amazon basin, documenting the diversity of Brazilian wildlife, people and their culture.  For the last ten years Azoury has mastered scuba diving and made underwater photography his specialty.  Rogério Reis an internationally recognized figure in photography was the 1999 winner of Brazil’s National Prize for Documentary Photography, and one of the founders of Brazil’s first and most important professional photo bank.  His work appears in magazines including Newsweek, Geo, and Paparazzi.  He has participated in numerous artistic and cultural projects including UNESCO’s  Our Place, the photographic celebration of the World’s Heritage.  Joao Luis Bulcao this Brazilian born photographer has a taste for major subjects.  He started his career as a photojournalist working on leading Brazilian magazines, covering major international events.   The discovery of Amazonia had a huge influence on Bulcao and his work there gave him the opportunity of being a Brazilian contributor to Gamma.    In 1997 he moved to Paris and worked for the Gamma Presse Agency. Bulcao is now based in Paris but continues to make numerous trips to Amazonia.  He is now working on a book on the region.


Many of our images are also in the collections of major institutions such as MASP/ SP, Instituto Moreira Salles, Itaú Cultural, MAM/RJ and National Museum of Natural History/Smithsonian Institute. 


Whether you’re in advertising, design, publishing, broadcasting or the travel industry you’ll want to engage and influence your audience through the beauty, power and intimacy of our superb photographic and video content.  At Pulsar Images you’ll discover emotionally charged, astonishing photographic content that will stop your market in its tracks.



Most Pulsar photographers are available to the editorial, commercial and cultural worlds for assignment. Please contact the UK office for more information. We can provide you with portfolios of individual and group work, as either a slideshow or as thumbnails.



Pulsar Images supplies photographic material in Brazil and internationally to major educational publishers, advertising agencies, and graphic design companies .  Pulsar Images have appeared in projects for the following publishing houses, Pearson Education, the  Oxford University Press;  Dorling Kindersley, Geo – Prisma and the NY Times.  The work of Pulsar Images photographers can also be found in various books and viewed at individual exhibitions.


Contact Details:

Icaro Del Mar

Tel: 44 20 3290 9066

Email: contact@pulsarimages.com

Website:  www.pulsarimages.com