Prospective employers may search the database of registered PRA picture researchers here, to locate a researcher to assist with a project. Listed researchers may be freelance researchers, or picture research companies. You may select a region of England, a UK country, or other specified countries where you would prefer the researcher to reside. Other countries not listed can be entered in the text box: use the anglicised version of the country name, with an initial capital letter, eg Holland.

Some researchers enter their full contact details, others wish to be contacted via the PRA Freelance Register. If the researcher's contact details are not present, then please contact the Freelance Register at: freelance.reg[at]picture-research.org[dot]uk - giving full contact details and the nature of your inquiry. The member will be contacted and offered your details so that they can communicate directly with you.

It is expected that researchers will be available for projects of various types. For full-time employment enquiries, please contact the Chair at: chair[at]picture-research.org[dot]uk

Search tip: It may be better to search with broad criteria at first, and then refine the results.

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