SPK - Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation  v  VG Bild-Kunst - handed down judgement, March 2021

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation is a world-renowned cultural institution. It includes museums, libraries, archives and research institutes. The collections are universal in character. They document the cultural development of mankind from the beginnings to the present, in Europe and on other continents. They originated in Brandenburg and Prussia. Today, the foundation is significantly involved in the redesign of the historical centre of Berlin. Five institutions, united under the umbrella of the foundation: the Berlin State Museums, the Berlin State Library, the Secret State Archives of Prussian Cultural Heritage, the Ibero-American Institute and the State Institute for Music Research. The foundation preserves, maintains and supplements its extensive collections. It conveys them to the public through exhibitions, publications, events and a wide range of access to the library and archive holdings. All institutions also conduct independent research. Nationally and internationally, they are involved in numerous networks, cooperations and projects.